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What is Nembutal and how is it used?

Nembutal (Pentobarbital Sodium) is a barbiturate that acts as a depressant, or sedative, used short-term to treat insomnia. Pentobarbital is also used as an emergency treatment for seizures, and to cause patients to fall asleep for surgery. Pentobarbital is available under the following different brand names: Nembutal.


Nembutal is the brand name of the drug. However, its street names are known as reds, phennies, barbs, red birds, and yellow jackets.

Pentobarbital Sodium

Formula: C11H18N2O3
Molar mass: 226.276 g/mol
CAS ID: 76-74-4
ChemSpider ID: 4575
ChEMBL Id: 448
Systematic name
Sodium hydrogen 5-ethyl-2-oxo-5-(2-pentanyl)-2,5-dihydro-4,6-pyrimidinediolate (1:1:1)
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What is pentobarbital sodium used for?

Pentobarbital sodium is a barbiturate with a brief duration of action that can be used as a sedative, preanesthetic, insomnia therapy, or euthanasia agent. It is sometimes referred to as Nembutal. It is used to treat sleep disorders, relax patients before a treatment, cure seizures, and sedate patients for surgery. It should be noted that pentobarbital is a regulated substance that should only be administered under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Please visit your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding pentobarbital.

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